Computer Sales & Service


Need a computer to get online for classroom instruction or to complete that research paper, class project, or thesis?

Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Center and DeLorge International Learning Systems specializes in offering the following bsp;          IBM      Compaq       Gateway      Dell        HP      MACS


                    Computer prices range from $295.00 & up

                    Printers available upon request

                    FINANCING AVAILABLE (Get up to 24 months!!)

                    Computer products available in our bookstore


All computers come with a limited warranty, and extended service contracts are available upon request. 

Save 100's of dollars in owning a pre-owned PC.  Most PC's are factory closeouts, demonstrator models, or lease returns. 

For more information, call Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Center or DeLorge International at (888) 698-4867 or (252) 527-8600.