2011  School of Professional Studies Mini-Courses
Online Professional Development Series




                                  COURSE OFFERINGS


    Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Center, A Division of DeLorge International Learning Systems, announces the following on-line professional development "mini" courses available for certified and non-certified personnel.  Registration for some courses will begin during the first week of each month.  Receive 1.0- 3.0  C.E.U's for each class.  Visit our website:  www.delorgeedu.com. Please check with your local school district regarding tuition fees for classes.   The course tuition fee includes resource materials.

 A $20.00 monthly technology, access fee for our online research library may apply for specific courses taken.  Please check course descriptions below to determine whether or not our electronic library is required. 

 Independent study courses are available for the academic semester.  Please contact our office at (252) 527-8600 for more details.



          Fall 2010 Online Training & Development Mini-Courses

Contemporary Effective Teaching Strategies & Materials in Teaching  Mathematics  (Pre-Kindergarten Through Middle School Years:  A Survey of Motivational Strategies) ONLINE COURSE  (EMAT 3510)

This professional development course identifies effective teaching strategies and materials recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) to improve instructional presentation and evaluation in the elementary and middle school math.  This class reviews the principles of equity, curriculum teaching, learning, assessment, and technology from which the standards are created by the NCTM.  Discover how students make sense of numbers and find meaning in mathematics.  See why students come to love mathematics classes based on the NCTM standards.  Topics to be discussed in this course include but not limited to the following:  (1) teaching and learning multiplication and divsion of whole numbers, (2) attaching meaning to numbers, (3) reasoning, solving, posing, and extending problems, (4) surveying appropriate manipulative materials, books, calculators, and computer software, (5) organizing math instruction.  (1.0 C.E. U's) 

Time: 3:15 p.m. -4:30 p.m.                                Fall Semester 2009

Facilitator: Dr. Gerold H. Jarmon                      Day of the Week:  Thursday afternoons

Format:  Online   C.E.U's:  1.0                          Length of Course:  Six-weeks

Tuition Cost: $ 159.00/ participant                 Minimum Enrollment:  10

Textbook:  Not required for this course           Resource materials provided.

 Online Library Access:  Not needed for this course.

Implementing Objective Grading/Evaluation Techniques in a Multicultural-Based Classroom:  Grading & Reporting Student Progress to Enhance Learning  (EPSYC 3200) Online Seminar Series

This course examines how grading and how reporting practices must reflect growth and progress.  This course takes a look at understanding alternative methods to communicate student learning; examining the relationship between grading and assessment; consider implementing changes in grading practices that reward progress.  Issues such as authentic assessment of teacher performance and principles of effective feedback and written documentation will also be discussed as well.  Other topics regarding grading include the following:  (1) designing assessments that reflect intentions for learning, (2) deciding on the bases of grading, (3) developing skills as an objective grader, (4) examining various ways of communicating about student achievement, and (5) exploring alternative assessments and the function of alternative assessments in the regular and exceptional children's classroom.  (1.0 C.E.U's)

Time:  3: 15 p.m.                              Spring Semester 2009

Facilitator:  Dr. Gerold H. Jarmon    Day of the Week:  Tuesdays

Format:  Online    C.E.U.'s 1.0         Length of the Week:  Six weeks

Tuition Cost:  $ 159.00                    Minimum Enrollment: 10     

Textbook not required for this course.            Resource materials provided.    

 Online Library Access:  Not required for this course


Introduction to Public & Private School Administration & Supervision (ONLINE COURSE) (EDAD 5000)

This mini-course serves as an introduction to school administration.  Participants of this mini-course will receive a very brief overview on leadership styles, school finance, school legal issues, curriculum planning and implementation, and auxiliary service management will be discussed.  This course serves as a great introduction to supervision especially for those who are planning to pursue a Master's degree in administration or superision.  This course is also great for those who will be taking on leadership roles within the school such as departmental chairpersons, lead teachers, mentors, or administrative designees.

Time:  TBA

Facilitator:  Dr. Gerold H. Jarmon                               Day of the Week:  Thursday afternoon

Format:  Online   C.E.U.'s: 1.0                                    Length of Course:  Six-weeks

Tuition Cost: Contact us at (888) 698-4867 or your local school district

Textbook not required for this abbreviated coruse      Resource materials provided

 Online Library Access:  Required for this course


Solving Discipline & Classroom Managment Problems:  Methods & Models for Today's Teachers (ONLINE Seminar Series)    (EPSYC 3510)

This classroom management "mini" course examines the "common sense" approach to providing effective positive discipline in the classroom.  A discussion of effective discipline techniques and how to implement those techniques will be discussed as well as providing scenarios and case studies in determining what best discipline strategies to utilize in a real life situation.  Models of discipline will be discussed such as behavior analysis, positive discipline, assertive discipline, social discipline, judicious discipline, & others.

Time:  7:30 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.     Date:  Ongoing        Facilitator:  Staff

Textbook not required for this course                 Resource materials provided

 Online Library Access:  Not needed for this course


Introduction to Teaching Children with Learning & Behavioral Problems in the Regular Classroom ( ONLINE COURSE) (ESPED 2000)

This introductory "mini-course" identifies for the beginning teacher characteristics students with learning and behavioral problems.  A discussion on various educational environments appropriate to facilitate learning will take place as well as identifying appropriate instructional and classroom management styles for thelearning and behavioral problem student.

Time:  7:00 - 8:00 p.m.      Date:  Ongoing    Facilitator:  Staff

Textbook not required        Resource materials provided

Online Library Access:    Not needed for this course



Contact our office at (888) 698-4867 or your local school district for details, time, and dates for classes  (Ongoing face to face and Online Classes available)


Introduction to Educational Research (EDAD 4500) Online Course 

This course serves as an introduction to principles, practices, and methods of conducting education research to complete a thesis or dissertation in partial fulfillment for a Master's or Doctoral degree in education and other social sciences. 

Time:  TBA                      Date:  TBA                        Facilitator: Dr. Gerold H. Jarmon

Textbook may be required for this course.             Tuition cost does not include textbook cost.





Special Topics for Independent Study in Education (ECUR 2500)  Ongoing

Independent study professional development topics are available upon request. 

For Independent study classes, contact Dr. Jarmon for special arrangments .



Online or Face to Face 

This course examines critical issues in various educational disciplines designed to increase and broaden the understanding and application of principles and practices associated in the participants field of study.  

For more information regarding Independent Study topics, contact us at (888) 698-4867 for more details.

For more information regarding our professional studies series, contact Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Center at (252) 527-8600 or (888) 698-4867 or e-mail us at [email protected].  Visit our website at www.delorgeedu.com. You may also contact your local LEA Staff Development Office for more details.

Note:  Class times are subject to change depending upon studetn enrollment.  TBA classes may be scheduled for any month during the 2009-10 academic school year.

Teachers may need to seek prior approval from the local LEA to seek LEA /NCLB funds for tuition payment.  Tuition cost includes teacher resource materials and access to the online research library for home-study.