Published Books & Articles by Gerold H. Jarmon, Ed.D.


Jarmon, Gerold H. (2000) Factors Associated with African-American Students' Perception of the College Environment for Academic Success at a Predominantly African-American University and a Predominantly White University  Raleigh:  North Carolina State University  (Ph.D. Thesis / Dissertation)

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Jarmon, Gerold H. (2004)  Principles & Practices in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics (Parts I & II)   Boston:  Pearson Custom Publishing  Boston: Pearson Custom Publishing ( ISBN#: 0-536-88629-6   & 0-536-85705-9)

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Johnson, Art (2005) Teaching Today's Mathematics in the Middle Grades   Boston: Allyn & Bacon Publishing               Peer Reviewer/Manuscript Editior: Gerold H. Jarmon, Ed.D.

Johnson, Art (2010) Teaching Mathematics to Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Learners  Boston: Pearson Publishing    Peer Reviewer/Manuscript Editor:  Gerold H. Jarmon, Ed.D.