Face to Face & Distance Education Courses in Floral Design

DeLorge International's Professional Studies Department


 Face to Face/Online/Home Study

                                                         for C.E.U. (Non-credit) Courses

                                       School of Floral Design      

   DeLorge International provides several non-credit floral design courses integrating theory with practice in creating a variety of floral designs using an assortment of flowers and accessories for the home or commercial use.  DeLorge International's course curriculum is created to assist students in improving floral design skills.    Distance education online and home study courses are available for those individuals seeking C.E.U. floral certificates on the beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels.     

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For more information regarding the School of Floral Design,

Contact:  Dr. Gerold H. Jarmon - Director of Adult Continuing Education at (252) 527-8600 or (888) 698-4867 

 Classes are in association with Jarmon's Florist & Gifts with 40  years of experience in addition to holding memberships with the Society of American Florist, FTD, Teleflora, AFS, and Florafax. 

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