DeLorge International University Centre (DIUC) Alumni Community Association
Supporters for (K-12) Supplemental Education and Adult Continuing Professional Education


  The DIUC Alumni Community Association is a professional community of supporters for (K-12) and adult continuing professional education.  Our association shares a common vision, goals, expreriences, and expertise regarding student academic success for children and for adults exploring new job opportunities, preparing for a career change, or seeking career advancement within their current company or learning institution.   Our alumni community interacts with one another across the globe researching and developing creative strategies to improve K-12 education and adult professional education while attending professional, cultural/social, and recreational events.

   If you are interested in becoming an active member of our global community supporting K-12 and adult education, please send us statement of interest via email at [email protected] .  Membership is limited only to those who have previously completed coursework in good standing with DeLorge International , or are currently affiliated with DeLorge International as a student, faculty/staff member, or as a sponsor for DeLorge International /Eastern Carolina (EAC) K-12/ Adult Education.